Sterile technician training in Virtual Reality

Faster and more efficienttransforming healthcare training

VR training is revolutionising how skills are taught and learned, complementing or replacing existing training tools.

VR training immerses participants in realistic virtual environments using a wireless VR headset, providing the freedom to interact and learn-by-doing.

The learn-by-doing made possible with VR training improves engagement, knowledge retention and provides the confidence to apply new skills. VR training is also improving safety by enabling participants to experience dangerous scenarios and practice operational procedures and processes without risk.
Gleechi VR training makes it possible for students to develop hands-on skills, without the practical limitations and constraints of having to
provide access to physical equipment.”

Cecilia Söderberg, Training Leader, YrkesAkademin

A better way to learn sterile technician training

Sterile technician training provides unique challenges for conventional training, requiring access to specialised equipment and tools in a clean environment.

The sterile technician training programme comprises three training rooms, offering washing, packaging and storage. Each room focuses on specific skill sets, such as preparing instruments for washing, using sterilisation equipment and manual inspection.

Participants can gain invaluable hands-on experience with the ability to repeat and practice infinitely.

Complete and comprehensivethe essential sterile technician training

Daily equipment inspection
Checkin of surgical tools
Packing for washing
AGS loading and preperation
Evaluation of washing process
Handling of failed instruments
Visual inspection of instruments
Lubrication of instruments
Packaging of instruments for Autoclave
Selection of Autoclave program
Evaluation of sterilisation process
Evaluation of process curve in T-Doc

Comes with everything included

Extensive technical and on-boarding support
Assessment Centre with for reporting and insights
VirtualGrasp technology for more natural interaction
VR headset procurement and management

Unlimited hands-on access with virtual sterile equipment

A selection of essential virtual equipment allowing participants to practice and gain hands-on experience is included.

The Getting Automation System for Sterilizers (AGS) enables participants to prepare and execute a washing program, including maintenance and verification.

Barcode scanning enables participants to use a virtual representation T-Doc, check-in and tracking instruments throughout the process.

The prepared instruments are sterilised using the Sterrad system,

Eliminate travel and disruptionunlimited access to virtual facilities

Traditional training typically involves a logistics challenge in bringing people together at a training facility that provides a limited opportunity window to gain hands-on experience.

Through being able to accurately capture and reflect real-life environments, tools and equipment, VR training eliminates the need for centralised training facilities and enables participants to develop hands-on skills anywhere.

Participants have the freedom to learn on their own terms - making mistakes in infinitely repeatable virtual scenarios.

Automatic insights and reportingtransparent training

VR training offers unique insights into understanding how effectively participants are able to apply newly acquired skills.

While traditional training and e-learning can evaluate theoretical performance, VR training can provide new dimensions in understanding a participants ability to apply training in the real-world - such as encountering dangerous scenarios and ability to adapt to unexpected changes.

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