Create stunning Virtual Reality training experiences

Creating VR experiences typically requires a dedicated team - developers, 3D artists and more. This increases the complexity, cost and time in creating VR training experiences, making it harder for companies to evaluate and adopt a VR training strategy.

The Gleechi VR training platform offers a true no-code approach to VR creation, empowering anyone through powerful visual tools to create and deploy stunning VR training experiences

Choose from environment templatescustomise it and make it your own

The creation process starts by choosing an environment template, which includes hospitals and sterile environments, assembly lines and the paper and pulp industry. More environments are being continuously added.

Template environments provide a theme in which to create and shape your VR training environment. You create your environment by terraforming the template within Virtual Reality, intuitively using your hands to add and remove assets, such as doors, windows and walls.

By using Virtual Reality as a means to customise the template environment, you can get an immediate sense of how the environment will look and feel - rapidly speeding up the creation process and eliminating the need for specialised VR know-how.

Support for all major VR platforms

We work with leading VR headset manufacturers to ensure complete support.

VirtualGrasp technology includedfreedom of natural hand interaction

Your existing digital assets, such as CAD files, can be integrated and optimised to create highly accurate virtual objects which populate virtual training environments. 

The extensive Gleechi library of virtual objects can be used to get started quickly or complement your digital assets to build more complete virtual training scenarios.

VirtualGrasp technology is applied to allow participants to interact naturally, giving complete freedom to use complex objects, such as tools, to complete practical training tasks.

Built on a pedagogical frameworkencourages more effective learning

The included VR training tools are optimised to facilitate effective learning, with an opinionated framework consisting of pedagogical best-practices.

Training takes place through a sequential series of tasks. Each task can be moved around the training timeline to accomodate differences in training procedures.

Visual cues can be added and dynamically updated and localised, while automatically adhering to user experience guidelines for usability and consistency.

Turn training transparentbuilt-in analytics and insights

Virtual Reality provides unique insights into how users interact and experience training, acting as a silent over-the-shoulder observer.

Performance metrics are built-in to training experiences automatically and streamed to the Gleechi Assessment Centre, which turns data into easy-to-understand actionable insights.

Training managers can gain a comprehensive understanding of a students performance and dedicate more time to deliver support and focused guidance.

Get started with VR trainingtogether we empower people

Our experts can help translate your current processes and procedures into effective VR training scenarios through a mix of technology, content and metrics brought together into our proven pedagogical framework.

We work collaboratively to identify and build measurable insights and design bespoke VR training scenarios to provide a smooth transition to VR training.

Together with both onsite or remote initial onboarding, we provide flexible on-going support available through SLA and bespoke plans to meet differing needs.