Training delivered as a service

Developed upon over seven years of research together with leading research institutes, the award winning Gleechi platform is built on a pedagogical foundation that puts effective learning first.

Our platform is trusted by leading enterprises such as ABB, FLIR, Saint-Gobain and Scania to deliver better training across their workforce.

Take a tour to experience how VR training is being used and the benefits it can provide to your organisation.

Comes with everything included

Our platform is delivered as a service, providing a complete VR training solution with everything included.

By combining machine learning with human training, frequent platform updates deliver both new features and expanded interaction capabilities. Machine learning and human training are used to enable VirtualGrasp technology to continually learn and provide more natural interaction between humans and virtual environments.

Easy-to-use and robust cloud based tools enable training content to be created and deployed to participants, providing a centralised self-service training hub for scalable and distributed training.
VR Content
Pegagogical Design
Natural Interaction
Expert Support

Support for all major VR headsets

We work with leading VR headset manufacturers to ensure broad support.

Bring your own content or use ours

Your existing digital assets, such as CAD files, can be integrated and optimised to create highly accurate virtual objects which populate virtual training environments. 

Alternatively, our extensive library of virtual objects can be used to get started quickly or complement your available digital assets to build more complete virtual training scenarios.

Interactions and guidance are added through our pedagogical framework, comprising visual components and best-practices, to develop comprehensive virtual training scenarios that reflect real-life workplaces.

VirtualGrasp technology is further applied to allow participants to interact more naturally, giving complete freedom to use complex objects, such as tools, to complete practical training tasks.

Built on pedagogical research

The Gleechi platform provides an opinionated approach to pedagogy - using best-practices developed from extensive industry experience and participant analysis, together with proven components that facilitate learning.

Pedagogical components enable educators to tailor guidance and customise the learning journey for the participants using cloud-based self service tools.

Our pedagogical framework has been developed together with research institutes such as RISE SICS and CEA, as well as leading training providers such as Lernia and SSG.

Reporting and invaluable insights

VR training offers unique insights into understanding how effectively participants are able to apply newly acquired skills.

While traditional training and e-learning can evaluate theoretical performance, VR training can provide new dimensions in understanding a participants ability to apply training in the real-world - such as encountering dangerous scenarios and ability to adapt to unexpected changes.

When used together with traditional training or e-learning, the Gleechi platform can be used to gather and supplement existing data, providing an understanding of how well learned skills are applied and used to perform procedures and operations.

As a standalone training tool, the Gleechi platform offers realtime and bespoke reporting using chosen metrics and training goals.

Much more than technical support

Our experts can help translate your current processes and procedures into effective VR training scenarios through a mix of technology, content and metrics brought together into our proven pedagogical framework.

We work collaboratively to identify and build measurable insights and design bespoke VR training scenarios to provide a smooth transition to VR training.

Together with both onsite or remote initial onboarding, we provide flexible on-going support available through SLA and bespoke plans to meet differing needs.