The virtual solution to learning maintenance.

Introducing Property Maintenance training in Virtual Reality

Sterile technician training in Virtual Reality
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An all-new, forward-thinking wayto train future property managers.

Virtual Reality training is revolutionising how skills are taught and learned, complementing or replacing existing training tools.

VR training immerses participants in realistic virtual environments using a wireless VR headset, providing the freedom to interact and enables learning-by-doing.
A 3D-rendered image of a water system with orange information overlays.
Gleechi's VR training platform makes it possible for students to develop hands-on skills, without the practical limitations of having to provide access to physical equipment.”

Cecilia Söderberg, Training Leader, YrkesAkademin
A 3D-rendered scene of a tray with a tablet screen, a power drill and a pair of screwdrivers.

A dynamic hands-on experiencefor building a maintenance skill set.

Unlike any other technology, Virtual Reality makes it possible for trainees to learn practical skills without ever needing to enter a real property.

Water and ventilation systems are presented in painstaking detail, which trainees are able to interact with using their own virtual hands, grabbing screwdrivers and power drills as needed.

Four maintenance scenarios
that require your problem-solving skills

An icon representing a power outage event.

Power cut

The building suddenly goes dark, and it’s up to you to figure out what happened and how to get the power back on.
An icon representing an airflow issue in a ventilation system.


An unexpected airflow has been discovered in the ventilation system and you need to determine the cause.
An icon representing an airflow issue in a ventilation system.


The ventilation system has an undesired flow of water, and you need to figure out how to solve it.
An icon representing a district heating system.

District heating

Your teacher asks you to identify various parts of the intricate heating system and perform a step-by-step diagnosis.
A 3D-rendered scene showing a wall with an YrkesAkademin logo on it next to a door.

Developed with students in mindfor a major vocational school

The programme is being used in courses at the Vocational Academy (YrkesAkademin), a Swedish labour market training provider that has conducted vocational education in many different fields since 1997.

Even students in distance learning courses are able to graduate with the right skills and be well-prepared for their future careers.

Adaptable and expandableaccording to your own needs.

Whether you are a landlord, a property manger or a training provider, the programme can be adapted to fit your specific needs and wishes.

Steps can be altered and reordered, text can be changed to meet language requirements, and visuals can be customised to match your company profile.
A 3D-rendered scene of a hallway with a backlit pressure chart on the wall.

Six troubleshooting areaswhere you need to find a solution

An icon representing a circulation pump.

Circulation pump

An icon representing a pressure chart.

Pressure chart

An icon representing an expansion vessel.

Expansion vessel

An icon representing a district heating system.

Heating system

An icon representing a water actuator.

Water actuator

An icon representing a ventilation aggregate.

Ventilation aggregate

An in-depth list of features

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Highly detailed renditions of property systems
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VirtualGrasp™ technology for natural object interaction
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Elaborate industry-standard pressure charts
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Engaging training modules with multiple choice answers
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Four different diagnostic scenarios
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Graphical interface with customisable look
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Integration with the analytics platform Assessment Centre
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Fully editable text, allowing for language changes
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Reduce needless disruptionswith limitless access to facilities.

Traditional training typically involves a logistics challenge in bringing people together at a training facility that provides a limited opportunity window to gain hands-on experience.

By accurately replicating real-life environments and equipment, VR training eliminates the need for centralised training facilities and enables participants to develop hands-on skills anywhere.
A man wearing a virtual reality headset, holding a pair of controllers.

Automatic insights and reportingenables a transparent experience.

The Assessment Centre offers unique insights into understanding how effectively participants are able to apply newly acquired skills.

This web-based evaluation platform provides new dimensions in understanding a participant's ability to apply training in the real world, such as when encountering dangerous scenarios and ability to adapt to unexpected changes.
A screenshot of the web-based analytics platform Assessment Centre.

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