easily create and deploy effective hands-on training

The evolution of training
made possible with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality training is changing how skills are taught and learned, complementing or replacing existing training tools.

Participants are immersed in virtual environments that closely reflect real-life using portable VR headsets, enabling complete freedom of interaction and the ability to learn by doing anywhere.

The learn-by-doing made possible with VR training improves engagement, knowledge retention and develops the confidence to apply new skills. Participants are able to experience dangerous scenarios and practice operational procedures and processes in safe virtual environments.

Faster to train compared with traditional training.
More confidence to apply new skills developed in VR training.
More emotionally connected than traditional training participants.
More focused than e-learning particiipants.

Empower people with skills
hands-on training anywhere

VR training is delivered through a range of training programmes that can be used separately or together to form complete training libraries.

Selected training programmes are seamlessly delivered over-the-air to participants VR headsets, providing on-demand training opportunities anywhere.

The training programmes we offer address common training topics and can be extensively customised for specific needs and business-specific training areas.

Eliminate travel and disruptionunlimited access to virtual facilities

Traditional training typically involves a logistics challenge in bringing people together at a training facility that provides a limited opportunity window to gain hands-on experience.

Through being able to accurately capture and reflect real-life environments, tools and equipment, VR training eliminates the need for centralised training facilities and enables participants to develop hands-on skills anywhere.

Participants have the freedom to learn on their own terms - making mistakes in infinitely repeatable virtual scenarios.

Built on award winning technology

Our VR training programmes are built on VirtualGrasp technology - developed on over eight years of published scientific research. VirtualGrasp technology enables more natural hand-interaction within Virtual Reality, making it possible to use tools and complex equipment to better reflect real-life experiences.