MADE POSSIBLE WITH no-code creation tools

Put Virtual Reality to work
a complete no-code creation suite

The Gleechi VR Training Platform enables the creation of custom training programmes in minutes - no coding required.

Powerful visual creation tools combined with a selection of ready environment templates make it possible to compose training to match your training needs.

The VirtualGrasp interaction engine is seamlessly built-in, providing complete freedom of natural hand interaction and limitless possibilities for the types of training that can be created.
Gleechi Platform overview
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Faster to train compared with traditional training.
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More confidence to apply new skills developed in VR training.
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More emotionally connected than traditional training participants.
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More focused than e-learning participants.

Powered by VirtualGrasp technology
natural interaction for complex training

The VirtualGrasp interaction engine provides natural hand interaction based on over eight years of robotic research and over thirty published papers.

Natural hand interaction means complete freedom of hand interaction, blurring the real and virtual world.

This enables VR to be applied to new domains and used for complex training, using virtual tools and equipment to develop hands-on skills.

Let your hands replace the codesculpt and shape your training world

VirtualGrasp technology enables your hands to become tools in their own right and makes it possible for VR to become both how you consume and create training.

Complex environments can be sculpted to match your training needs, starting with a themed template. Adding accessories such as windows and doors provide continuity with how the real world might look, bringing VR training environments closer to real world.

The Gleechi cloud is used to turn designs into stunning rendered environments in seconds, ready to be deployed to users.
A picture showing different VR environment types

Customise training visually
rework logic without touching code

The included visual tools make it possible to dynamically edit the training timeline - freely moving training tasks around to reflect local needs and requirements.

The training timeline consists of as series of steps that must be completed by the user. The order in which each step must occur can be heavily customised, making it easy to tailor training to local needs and requirements.

Insight driven updatesbuild better training programmes

Training is built upon a pedagogically refined framework, standardising and improving the user experience with guided learning.

The insights made possible through the Assessment Centre create a feedback loop into understanding how self-composed training can be improved.

The included tools make it possible to change guided training interactions without resorting to complex code change, including adding support for new languages.

VR is just like any other IT assetmanage and own your VR experiences

The no-code nature of the Gleechi platform means only one application is required - the training centre. Training programmes are created and published in the training centre which is cloud-based and always up-to-date.

The MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution is a software component that is integrated into the Gleechi offering and deployed across VR headsets. It serves to deliver the training centre and provide a customisable home screen, turning the VR headset into a training tool.

IT organisations can treat VR headsets as any other IT asset, with the ability to track and revoke devices.

Turn training transparentdata turned into actionable insights

The Gleechi Assessment Centre is included in all training programmes and provides centralised course management functions and in-depth insights into how students are performing.

As students interact and progress through VR training, their progress is automatically collected, and the data is seamlessly transformed into easy-to-understand and actionable insights.

Educators save valuable time in manual over-the-shoulder observation and can better provide students targetted support and guidance.

Built on award-winning technology

Our VR training programmes are built on VirtualGrasp technology - developed on over eight years of published scientific research. VirtualGrasp technology enables more natural hand-interaction within Virtual Reality, making it possible to use tools and complex equipment to better reflect real-life experiences.
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