We develop software solutions to enable natural interaction between humans, computers and robots

We apply this to create the next generation of industry training and certification





more efficIent learning

We reduce downtime, injuries and time spent in training by enabling staff to practice and get certified in Virtual Reality. VR training does not need physical presence of an instructor. Once the training is active, it can run anywhere and as many times as needed.



making vr training simple

Our software platform VirtualGrasp™ makes it easy to set up interactive Virtual Reality training scenarios. With VirtualGrasp™ you can quickly make a 3D scene interactable and set up instructions and feedback for any training course.



cutting-edge technology

8 years of research at The Royal Institute of Technology led to the creation of VirtualGrasp™. It is the first software enabling realistic hand-object interactions in real-time. VirtualGrasp™ is proven to enhance the memory of trainees. This leads to a reduction of errors and mistakes after the training.



user-focused solutions

Together with leading research institutes we have developed standardized interfaces and pedagogical components to optimize learning. Our solutions have been tested and verified with leading industry companies such as Saint-Gobain and Scania.



“Gleechi is really awesome. When you’re working with Gleechi, you feel like you’re on the same team; improving professional training processes.” Jim Tolman, Scania


About Us

Gleechi AB was founded in 2014 and has been awarded as The Super Startup of the year by Veckans Affärer, winner of EIT DIGITAL Idea Challenge, awarded as one of Sweden’s most promising startups by NyTeknik, listed as one of Europe’s top 50 startups and is supported by several innovation clusters, including MIT SOLVE, H2020, STING, VINNOVA and EIT DIGITAL. Gleechi is founded by awarded entrepreneurs and top-ranked researchers from the robotics research group at KTH, Sweden’s leading technical university.

Our team combines experiences in Human Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Algorithm Development from both academia and industry. The technology is based on eight man years of research and the novelty and technical viability of the research was verified by over 30 scientific publications in major robotic conferences and journals. The research was crowned with the IEEE Best Manipulation Paper Award at the “International Conference of Robotics and Automation” one of the two major robotic conferences world-wide.


other application areas



VirtualGrasp™ automates the complex process of animating realistic hand movement and interaction. VirtualGrasp™ currently supports Unreal Engine 4.21 and Unity Engine 2018.3.


VirtualGrasp™ enables robot gripping in real-time. The software helps robot programmers by automating and speeding up robot grasping tasks. VirtualGrasp™ currently supports RobotStudio and RAPID.


VirtualGrasp™ enables stroke survivors to perform relevant rehabilitation exercises. The software helps users with motor impairments by predicting and visualizing intended hand movement.


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