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Transform training with Virtual Reality

VR training is revolutionizing how skills are taught and learned, complementing or replacing existing training tools.

VR training immerses participants in realistic virtual environments using low-cost VR headsets to interact naturally and learn-by-doing.

The learn-by-doing made possible with VR training improves engagement, knowledge retention and provides the confidence to apply new skills.

Virtual training is also improving safety by allowing participants to experience dangerous environments and practice operational procedures and processes without risk.

How can VR training help you?

Contact with objects and equipment is one of the major contributors to accidents in the workplace, accounting for over 26% of non-fatal work-related injuries (NSC, 2018).

VR training allows participants to experience potentially dangerous environments and practice safe operations and procedures. Thanks to our VirtualGrasp technology, workplace equipment is accurately represented in virtual environments to support complex interactions that reflect real-life operational scenarios.

VR training can complement traditional learning, e-learning and blended learning by being able to use the immersive nature of VR to heighten senses and re-create the urgency of emergency situations, giving participants the confidence to apply training in real-life.
VR training radically reduces training time through a more efficient and natural learning process to address skill shortages and employee churn.

Shifting skill sets due to the introduction of advanced technologies in manufacturing require more advanced and in-depth training. The retirement of baby boomers combined with the slower training process offered by traditional training is leading to a severe skill deficit with estimated 2.4M unfilled jobs by 2028 in the US alone.
New employees are onboarded more efficiently and become more productive faster, with hands-on confidence built through learn-by-doing.  
Existing employees have access to more engaging learning, facilitating personal development and competence.
Access to detailed reporting, together with existing e-learning or traditional learning, can be used to help guide and support employee development and validate VR training.
Virtual training is delivered through low-cost and readily available VR headsets, either self-sourced or available through the Gleechi procurement programme.

As part of the procurement process, VR headsets are provided with support for MDM that can secure content and provide remote management features. Depending on the VR headset manufacturer, extended enterprise programmes are also available to provide additional coverage and piece-of-mind.

The Gleechi platform is run as a fully managed service, offering on-premises, hybrid and public cloud possibilities. SSO can be used to centrally manage user credentials towards an existing IdP (SAML), supporting federated access to specific content by user types.

Pedagogically proven training

Faster to train than with traditional training.
More confident to apply newly learned skills.
More emotionally connected than traditional training.
More focused than e-learning participants.
VR Content
Pegagogical Design
Natural Interaction
Expert Support

Complete VR training platform with everything included

The Gleechi platform is a turn-key VR training solution, built on a proven pedagogical foundation with cloud-based management tools, support for your existing 3D assets, extensive reporting and VR headset procurement.

Your current processes and procedures can be transformed into VR training scenarios, delivered seamlessly using low-cost VR headsets to provide access to better training.

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An award winning platform built to deliver better training

We are proud winners of multiple industry awards recognising our commitment to use technology to provide better training.

Through our innovations such as VirtualGrasp and CollaboVR, enabling remote collaborative training, we stay at the forefront of VR and the intersection of technology and learning.   

Through our partners, such as the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT Digital), the Gleechi platform is supporting research into VR and the opportunity it provides to democratise learning for more people.

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