Turn training transparent with streaming insights

Creating VR experiences typically requires a dedicated team - developers, 3D artists and more. This increases the complexity, cost and time in creating VR training experiences, making it harder for companies to evaluate and adopt a VR training strategy.

The Gleechi VR training platform offers a true no-code approach to VR creation, empowering anyone through powerful visual tools to create and deploy stunning VR training experiences

The new way to look at trainingprovide focused support

As participants learn and develop through Virtual Reality training, insights and analysis of specific tasks are automatically gathered and stored within the Gleechi Cloud.

The Assessment Centre makes it easy to visualise and identify areas of improvement and turn them into actionable support actions.

In contrast to traditional training, every element of a training task can be viewed and analysed, making it possible to provide specific support in certain areas to improve performance,

Freedom from manual workmore time for what matters

By removing the manual and often time-intensive process of monitoring and reviewing how participants are performing each task, more time is made available to concentrate on the specific needs of individual participants.

The areas where participants need additional training support are visualised and can be further explored to offer specific help where it is most needed.

By automating the process of gathering insights into how participants are experiencing and performing tasks, it also becomes possible to accommodate more training participants with high-quality training support.

Get the complete picturetraining turned transparent

Training tasks can be very different - from learning how to assemble a complex product to developing vital safety skills and confidence.

Custom task-specific metrics are defined and applied to build a complete and comprehensive understanding of how each training participant performs. Insights that would be too cumbersome to collect in traditional training can be easily exposed and streamed to the Gleechi Cloud, making training transparent.

Dashboards provide a visual way to make sense of the collected training data and turn it into actionable insights to provide better support.