VirtualGrasp through the Gleechi Cloud

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We are making VirtualGrasp available through the Gleechi Cloud, enabling 3D models to be automatically transformed into intelligent interactive objects.

Available as a plugin, 3D models are chosen from within Unity, and the model meshes are seamlessly sent to the Gleechi Cloud. The VirtualGrasp engine analyses each mesh, applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to add natural hand interaction. Complete interaction models are delivered back, ready to be used.  

As part of our early access programme, we are inviting a limited number of participants to start using the service for free for a limited time.

Applicants are chosen on a rolling basis as capacity becomes available. By registering your interest, you will receive exclusive access to the VirtualGrasp SDK.
VirtualGrasp analyses mesh models and does not use complete models - your 3D models are never shared.
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