Transforming training for Scania


The Gleechi platform and VirtualGrasp™ technology enables Scania to provide more natural and immersive virtual training for advanced assembly and production training scenarios.

The Scania Smart Factory Lab explore and evaluate how new technologies can be leveraged and incorporated into Scania.

As early adopters of virtual reality, the Scania Smart Factory team identified the need to able to use natural hand interaction to effectively deploy VR training. The Scania Smart Factory Lab turned to the Gleechi platform which provides VirtualGrasp™ technology to understand the capabilities of what was possible with VR training.

The Scania Smart Factory Lab team and Gleechi worked together to build a VR training scenario that would accurately reflect a typical assembly process and require the use of both hand and finger interaction to successfully complete.
Founded 1911

Over 50,000 employees

Annual revenue exceeding 150B SEK

Production facilities in Sweden, France, the Netherlands, India, Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Russia and Finland

Assembly plants in ten countries across Africa, Asia and Europe

Introducing VR training

Scania is a major Swedish manufacturer of heavy-goods vehicles and powerplants for application in both heavy vehicles, industrial and marine environments.

Scania production facilities and assembly plants are distributed globally across Africa, Asia and Europe and employ over 50,000 people with yearly revenue exceeding 150B SEK.

Research and development is central to Scania, delivering both innovations in products and supporting services but also continually working to deliver increased safety and efficiency in production and assembly. Providing a safe work environment for employees while rapidly innovating and introducing new technology presents unique challenges that VR training is able to address.

The Scania Smart Factory Lab began exploring innovative solutions and new ways of working that could be readily deployed globally and would be able to deliver both short-term and long-term safety and efficiency improvements that could be measured and accessed.

As early adopters of virtual reality technology, the Scania Smart Factory Lab team quickly identified it as a technology area that could be used to deliver immediate value across the company - primarily for usage in providing a safe environment in which to train employees in the production and assembly of products.

Product assembly typically involves thousands of components being delivered on a just-in-time basis to different areas of a production line, with the correct tools, procedures and work environment for performing specific tasks safely and efficiently.

In early evaluation, the Scania Smart Factory Lab identified the need to be able to use complex hand interaction to be able to provide effective virtual training scenarios during assembly. Being able to use both tools and hand and finger articulation together to correctly install components was fundamental to being able to realise the potential in VR training.

Scania turned to Gleechi and VirtualGrasp™ technology to provide intelligent and natural interaction with complex objects that would enable more immersive interaction and reflect real-world working environments and processes.

Delivering the solution

Your existing digital assets, such as CAD files, can be optimised and used to create accurate virtual objects which populate virtual training environments. 

Alternatively, our extensive library of virtual objects can be used to get started quickly and complement your available digital assets to build more complete virtual training scenarios.

Interactions and guidance are added through our pedagogical framework, comprising of components and best-practices, to develop comprehensive virtual training scenarios that closely reflect real-life workplaces.

VirtualGrasp technology is further applied to allow participants to interact more naturally, giving complete freedom to use complex objects, such as tools, to complete practical training tasks.
The VR training scenario built through close cooperation between Gleechi and the Scania Smart Factory Lab has made it possible for Scania to invest further in the adoption of VR training and deploy across the global organisation with confidence.

By using VirtualGrasp technology, Scania are able to fully utilise VR training across all aspects of production and assembly, from new employee safety training to complex assembly of heavy-goods vehicles and power plants across all industries.
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